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Not only does House of Horvath craft the best cigars in Canada, we also proudly represent the most important and distinguished international cigar Houses. We have cultivated long-lasting relationships with the top suppliers from no fewer than eight different countries. Our portfolio of products includes the ORIGINAL Dominican cigar, the ORIGINAL Nicaraguan cigar, the ORIGINAL Italian cigar, the ORIGINAL cigar of the Philippines, the #1 best selling brand in the world and so much more! Without exception all of our suppliers have an amazing story behind them. And they make the best cigars in the world.

hoh brands

Our cigar-making process is best described as ‘machine-assisted’, with our experienced cigar makers (averaging 20 years experience each) performing their craft using cigar machines to roll tobacco perfectly. From moistening the tobacco to prepare it for stemming, to the delicate process of stretching and laying tobacco leaf wrapper on the rolling table, to inspecting the final cigar quality, the process involves the careful, trained hands of our cigar makers. The process is fascinating to watch and free tours are available during regular business hours.

swisher international

Today, Swisher International is the world’s largest cigar manufacturer yet it all started from very humble beginnings as part of a debt settlement in 1861. By 1927 growth exceeded the capacity of the original three Ohio factories and the company’s production and headquarters were relocated to Jacksonville, Florida which soon became the largest cigar factory in the world. The iconic Swisher Sweets brand was introduced in 1958 while the company continued its expansion through several acquisitions. Now in over 90 countries, Canada is their largest export market.

Royal Agio cigars

Agio Cigars received the “Royal’ designation by Queen Beatrix on their 100th Anniversary. Founded in 1904 by Jacques Wintermans, Royal Agio Cigars is still fully held and managed by the Wintermans family today, now in it’s fourth generation. The company was originally named ‘A. Wintermans & Zonen’ but the brand name Agio, which means ‘premium’, was promoted to the company name in 1950. Today, still based in Duizel, historically an important cigar producing region, Agio continues to manufacture cigars recognized across the globe for their variety, quality, rich aroma and full taste.


A favorite of tenured smokers, Punch is one of the very first cigar brands to have been developed in Honduras. Made in accordance with the country’s tradition of expertly curing its tobacco, Punch lives up to its name with a bold, full-flavored taste derived from their always superlative wrappers and blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobaccos. While made in Honduras, the Punch brand identity is an American classic. Evocative images of the American Bald Eagle, the flag, baseball, mom, and apple pie come to mind. We are very proud to represent such an iconic brand and Canada is the only other country in the world where Punch is sold.

la aurora s.a.

The ORIGINAL Dominican cigar! In 1903 La Aurora created the first Dominican cigar and today they remain one of the most respected and admired cigar houses in the world. More than a century later, they remain a family owned business with some of the classiest people in the entire industry. There are no fewer than 5 stages of quality control before a box is sealed. 2018 represents 115 years in the cigar business and the company continues to innovate. Impressive is not a powerful enough word to describe their compound in Santiago. To make more than a billion cigars per year, it takes more than a factory. Indeed, La Aurora S.A. is a top tourist destination that any cigar lover should visit.

quesada cigars

The Quesada story cannot be adequately told in brief paragraphs. It is one of both success and accomplishment as well as of profound tragedy and sadness. Following the seizure of their property and subsequent exile from Cuba, the family opened a tobacco brokerage in Santiago, Dominican Republic in 1961. MATASA was established in 1974 with “$100, a chair, and a phone,” employing just three rollers. From there growth continued and a new management was assembled. Unfortunately, in April 2002 a plane crash took the lives of all three of them, leaving Manolo to run the company. Today, Quesada Cigars is managed with fierce enthusiasm by Manolo and the Quesada “Fifth Generation.”

casa magna

Manolo Quesada’s original cigars tend to be mild bodied with a blend of Dominican filler and binder tobaccos cloaked with light Connecticut-seed wrappers. His latest endeavors are much bolder, and more vibrant. Casa Magna is his greatest innovation. He joined forces with Nicaragua’s largest grower of cigar tobacco, Nestor Plasencia, and created this blend in Plasencia’s Segovia Cigar factory. Casa Magna Colorado is produced with a bold heart of Cuban-seed tobacco, all of it grown in two very different regions of Nicaragua: tobacco from Estelí tends to be strong, while that grown in Jalapa, to the north, is typically more balanced and elegant. Together they combine to create a full-flavored cigar, full of rich coffee notes and balanced by a cedary sweetness with a hint of raisins.

joya de nicaragua

The ORIGINAL Nicaraguan cigar from 1968 – The Jewel of Nicaragua. 2018 marks their 50th anniversary and they continue to produce some of the very best cigars in the world. If you’re familiar with the history of Nicaragua over the last 50 years, just to be in continuous operation through it all is an extraordinary achievement. It is not enough to consider Joya de Nicaragua as merely iconic. They are very proud to be considered a national symbol and an example of the confidence and illustrious tradition of their country. Their importance to the world of cigars cannot be understated. If not for them, we wouldn’t be enjoying so many other amazing cigars from Nicaragua. It is not hyperbole or exaggeration to suggest that the enthusiasm for Nicaraguan cigars today in large part comes directly from this legendary factory.

my father cigars

When he opened a tiny cigar factory in Little Havana back in 2003, Jose Pepin Garcia could not have imagined at that moment that his love and passion for cigars would help him to build one of the most recognized companies in the cigar industry. His companies have become synonymous with highly rated and well-distinguished brands. On August 29, 2009 one of the most memorable moments in Garcia’s life was the opening of My Father Cigars in Nicaragua, also known as the Garcia Family Industrial Park. A seven-acre complex with an installed production process, which enables the tobacco to be harvested, packaged and shipped to retailers. Since that time, the overwhelming positive reviews keep on coming with multiple cigars of the year including several at #1.

e.p. carrillo

EPC cigars are the newest international supplier. With many years learning the craft of cigars already behind him, Ernesto Perez Carrillo’s rise to prominence really began in the early 1990s. With the glowing ratings and huge demand for his La Gloria Cubana, a boutique brand became a best seller in very short order. With ever increasing demand for cigars from the man behind La Gloria Cubana, EPC Cigar Co. opened officially in 2009 providing Ernesto the opportunity to once again dedicate himself to perfecting a family-run boutique brand along with his son Ernesto III and daughter, Lissette. If you know anything about Ernesto, his cigars, and his family, you know they do it with class and style. Every great cigar maker has a great story and Ernesto’s is one of perseverance and inspiration.


The ORIGINAL Italian cigar! But more than that they are a part of history. Over 200 years of history! In fact, Toscano predates the modern nation of Italy by 50 years. Italy celebrated 150 years since Italian Unification in 2011 and the folks at Toscano were very busy during this time. “During its 200-year history TOSCANO® cigar has been part of Italian history crossing every milieu and social class. Since Italian unification, it’s been a patriotic symbol of national unity. That’s why TOSCANO® cigar had a starring role in celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of that fateful day on March 17 1861 when Italy became a nation. Created in the same year as the first uprisings, TOSCANO® cigar spent its first fifty years with the men behind unification.

la flor isabella

The ORIGINAL cigar of the Philippines! The Philippines may not be the first country to come to mind for cigars but with a favourable growing climate much like Cuba’s, tobacco growing flourished in the Philippines starting in the 1600’s and the cigars quickly became extremely popular in the salons of Europe. Spanish authorities imposed a tobacco monopoly in 1780, allowing only the colonial government to plant tobacco, manufacture and sell cigars. The monopoly caused poverty and corruption, ultimately leading to its abolishment in 1881. This eventually evolved into what is today knowns as “La Flor de la Isabella” in honour of the province where the 1st Cuban seeds were cultivated and where the country’s first and largest cigar factory began.

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