Soon the factory was becoming too small for the volume of production, so Joe purchased the adjacent house next door as well as the garage behind it. He demolished the house and used the land to build on to the factory, in addition to building a new level on top and outfitting the garage for factory use.

Joe had 2 big innovations that really helped send business skyrocketing.

His first big idea was flavouring cigars with wine and rum. The second innovation was adding a plastic tip, making him the first in the world to affix a plastic cigar holder on each cigar. Incorporating both technologies, he created a cigar he called Topper, Wine and Rum Soaked Perfectos. Being the first of its kind, it quickly took off.

The market leader at the time, Imperial Tobacco, quickly took note and created a similar offering: Old Port Wine Flavoured, Rum Dipped Panetelas. Today, many people know Old Port cigars, but few know that it was Joe Horvath that originally created the concept.

Soon, Joe purchased the exclusive Canadian trademark for King Edward cigars. By the 1950’s, Kind Edward was a huge mass market success – enough so that the Ontario Tobacco Company had to run 3 shifts to keep up with demand. Once again, Imperial Tobacco, followed suit, producing the second cigar with a holder, they called Lord Tennyson.

Joe called his called his cigar brands Norma, Budgie and Topper, among others.

Business was booming.