With the success of King Edward came competitors, including Swisher International, offering to acquire his company. Swisher owned the King Edward trademark in the U.S. (as well as other countries).

Around the same time, Joe’s son, Joseph Horvath Jr. joined the company after graduating from high school apprenticing at the Swisher factory in Jacksonville Florida.

Joeseph Horvath Jr. with a King Edward display

Selling the company to Swisher was not to be for Joe Sr. However, he wanted to ensure that if he were to sell, each of his employees, as well as his family members who had been working with him, could have a job at the new company.

In 1969, Joe Sr. sold to a large cigarette manufacturer, Macdonald Tobacco Inc. who had become known for Export A cigarettes (now JTI-Macdonald Corp.). They called the newly formed business Macdonald Ontario Tobacco Co. Ltd., with¬† Joe Sr. as President, Joe Jr. as V.P., and Leslie Albert Sr., who had married Joe Sr.’s daughter, it’s Chief Engineer.

The plant was soon relocated to a new location in Toronto on Sunrise Avenue in a building that was extended to 120, 000 sq. ft. to accommodate production.

Three years later, Joe Horvath Sr. passed away, and in 1975 Macdonald Ontario Tobacco was sold to RJR Reynolds, who then moved the company to Montreal.