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Canadian Manufacturers & Distributors of the Finest Tobaccos Since 1977

On Flavored Cigars

Today there are more flavored cigars than ever before, all fully capable of resonating [...]

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Our Suppliers

As one of Canada’s oldest and most recognized distributors, we proudly hold the rights to distribute many of the world’s leading brands in tobacco and more.


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Industry Testimonials

“House of Horvath is an excellent supplier of premium cigars for businesses looking to curate a high-quality collection. It has been a pleasure to work with Ian, our Rep. His wealth of knowledge and support has been instrumental to CIGAR VAULT. We look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come”

Leonardo Camposeo, Cigar Vault, Aurora, Canada

“It has been 15 years for me and 21 years for City Cigar. House Of Horvath successfully represent so many of the world’s best cigar brands. They are a wonderful aly and partner and I am so grateful.”

“We get so many of our top selling premium cigars from House of Horvath. Over the years they’ve always been a great company to do business with for us. As a tobacconist we need support from our suppliers and that’s what we get with House Of Horvath. ”

“In 1997, I had just opened up and Joe [Horvath Jr.] took me under his wing to help me understand the tobacco industry. Over 25 years later, I still have a very special place in my heart for House Of Horvath.”

“Our business relies on the help and support from our vendors to maintain, sustain and grow – House of Horvath meets and exceeds our needs from customer service, consumer relationships and exclusive brand content.”

“House of Horvath is a family company that’s been around for decades; and they treat their customers like family as well. We love House of Horvath as not just as a business partner, but as friends.”

“Our orders are always shipped out on time and their customer service is typically excellent. Our customers really love their House Of Horvath HOH brand of cigars. Great value for a premium cigar”


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