1. Initial order(s) may be required to be paid by credit card for a minimum of three months.
  2. TERMS: 2.5% Net 12 Days, Gross 21 days – Subject to Approval.
  3. The customer recognizes and agrees to pay a nominal interest charge of 5% per month (30% per annum) on any/all overdue balance on account. The assessment and collection of said interest charge in no way commits HOUSE OF HORVATH INC. to future credit privileges. Refusal to comply with this statute will result in a withdrawal of credit terms and a refusal to sell by HOUSE OF HORVATH INC.
  4. Our minimum order is $350. All orders that meet a $350.00 minimum (pre tobacco tax) will receive free shipping.
  5. No claims on shipments are considered unless made within three days after receipt of goods.
  6. RETURN POLICY: HOUSE OF HORVATH INC. guarantees all saleable merchandise in full units only. Prior authorization must be obtained from HOUSE OF HORVATH INC. before returning product. Please contact our Order Department at 1 (800) 387-0378 for approval and shipping instructions. Credit Notes are issued after receipt of returned goods with contents that have been approved by our receiver.
  7. The customer shall certify that their Provincial Tobacco Tax licenses are valid and have not been revoked or suspended. The customer assumes liability for payment of any Provincial Tobacco Tax that has occurred as a result of their activities or maybe due as a result of a revoked or suspended license.
  8. Credit Notes are required for deduction from Accounts Receivable. Debit memos are not accepted in lieu of Credit Notes.
  9. Prices are subject to change without notice: i.e. Revision to Provincial Sales Tax and/or Federal Excise and Sales Taxes.
  10. Recipients of our Price List are under no obligation to accept the suggested retail prices which are established for Provincial Tax. We suggest applying your own selling prices based on the cost of the product to be competitive in your own market.
  11. HOUSE OF HORVATH INC. reserves the right to accept or refuse the order in whole or in part.
  12. HOUSE OF HORVATH INC. reserves the right to adjust, refuse or cancel any order containing any pricing error, inaccuracy or omission, whether or not the order has been submitted, confirmed, and/or your method of payment has been charged. 
  13. Acceptance of an order by HOUSE OF HORVATH INC. does not include acceptance by HOUSE OF HORVATH INC. of any terms, conditions, or other provisions appearing on the purchaser’s order form or other documents.
  14. Credit privileges may be suspended or withdrawn at our discretion.
  15. Once a credit application has been completed, signed, and approved, the customer acknowledges and accepts that a credit check will be performed by a third party and House of Horvath reserves the right to conduct a sporadic credit check from time to time.

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