They say some things never change and that axiom rings very true with Horvath cigars. In many ways, stepping into our factory is like stepping back in time. Our production process has changed very little since the first Horvath cigars were made in 1932.

Tobacco is still aged and cured the way it always has been. The stripping of the stems remains the same as ever. The humidification process has not changed at all. And the cigar-making machines are themselves almost 100 years old. While the industry we helped create continues to evolve, the Horvath process and commitment to quality remain stubbornly the same.

Old World Tradition.

Some Things Never Change

We still manufacture cigars using time honored traditions from natural leaf to finished cigar. Our production staff take great pride in the cigars they make, and many of them have been producing Horvath cigars for generations.

A Unique Process.

Hand Assisted

Our cigar machines date from the turn of the 20th century and have been essentially out of production for decades. As we maintain a full-time mechanic and machine shop to keep them running smoothly, our facility is capable of producing upwards of 5 million cigars per year.

Quality Control.

A Thorough Inspection

Strict quality control standards ensure that House Of Horvath cigars meet the demanding expectations of the modern adult consumer. Once the finished cigars have left the aging room, we meticulously inspect them by hand before they move on to packaging.

Quality Control. Again.

A Second Look.

At the packaging level, all Horvath cigars must pass a second quality control check. Two sets of eyes are always better than one.



Take the journey with House of Horvath and explore how your favourite cigar goes from leaf to finished product. Have a firsthand look at the time-honoured processes involved in nurturing flavour, intensity and style.

NOTE: Participants must be 19 or older to enter our facilities and participate in our tours.