Beyond their acclaimed cigars, the following 10 cigar accessories bear the names of some of the most prolific cigar brands in the world and made to assist in your enjoyment of their cigars.

Why Accessorize?

At the most basic level, one simply needs to cut a cigar and then apply a source of fire to smoke it (unless it comes pre-cut of course). A dependable cutter and a lighter or wooden match will do the trick.

As I write this, I’m reminded of the late Richard Overton, a WWII veteran who, prior to passing away in 2018 at ripe old the age of 112, used the burner on his stovetop to light his 12 daily cigars (yes, I said twelve cigars, and yes, I said he was one hundred and twelve years old).

The supercentenarian was shown to have exclusively smoked a machine-rolled cigar called Tampa Sweets.

The late Richard Overton

For the record, we don’t recommend using your stovetop to light your cigar.

Beyond the basic need for fire to smoke a cigar, a cigar also requires preliminary effort on our behalf for them to be in proper form and ready to smoke at a moment’s notice.

Between the processes of storing your cigar, transporting your cigar, and the actual smoking of your cigar, these clutch accessories from some of the world’s leading cigar brands will make things a lot easier – and are likely to enhance your overall smoking experience:

1. Hands of Time Ceramic Ashtray by Arturo Fuente

Like the Arturo Fuente cigars it represents, this Arturo Fuente hands of Time Ashtray is a work of art.

Part of the Fuente Story Collection, finely detailed and made of ceramic, the artwork depicts a partially-clothed ‘Goddess of Tobacco’ who is flanked by 3 generations of Fuente patriarchs: Arturo Fuente, Carlos Fuente Sr., and Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. 

  • 4 gold-plated cigar rests
  • 2″ well for ashes
  • Weighted and stable 

2. Gold Lux Metallic Cutter by My Father

The My Father Gold Lux Metallic Cutter adds an almost gaudy element of bling to an accessory arsenal. With two razor-sharp guillotine blades, the cutter is capable of cutting cigars up to a whopping “64 ring gauge.

Perfect for lopping the cap off our your next My Father The Judge cigar.

  • Provides a traditional straight cut to cigars up to “64 ring gauge
  • Razor-sharp retractable blades
  • Elegant design

3. Tabletop Torch Lighter by Oliva

Though lighting a cigar with a wooden match has a certain romantic quality to it and all, using this butane lighter with multiple jets will toast and light a cigar with greater ease and accuracy.

With an adjustable flame, this triple-jet Tabletop Torch Lighter by Oliva will make lighting your next Melanio Serie V Figurado cigar a wildly fun endeavor.

  • Windproof
  • Adjustable flame
  • Easy fuel application

4. Cigar Scissors by Manifatture Sigaro Toscano

The Cigar Scissors by Italian manufacturer Toscano are a comfortable pocket accessory that is both practical and elegant in its leather sheath.

Known the world over as ‘the sharing cigar’, full-length Toscano cigars such as the Toscano Classico can be cut in half shared with a friend.


  • Scissors-style mechanism
  • Razor sharp blades
  • Elegant leather sheath

5. Ceramic Cigar Holder by My Father

Time to finally put your beloved cigar on a pedestal.

At first, ceramic cigar rests seem frivolous, but are actually ideal for comfortably supporting your cigar when not in your hand. They serve to protect your cigar and prevent it from rolling as they are prone to when left on a table or any other inconvenient flat surface.

Prop up your next My Father Le Bijou 1922 Torpedo with a Ceramic Cigar Holder by My Father.

  • Felt-bottomed for anti-slip
  • Holds any size cigar ring gauge or length
  • Compact and easy to keep on you

6. Three-Finger Leather Cigar Case by Oliva

The elegant Oliva 3-Cigar Leather Case is constructed of genuine quality tanned leather to provide the safe storage and transport of 3 cigars sized up to 6-5/8″x 60.

Having this leather case handy will have you ready for any cigar session – whether planned or entirely spur-of-the-moment impromptu.

  • High-quality tanned durable leather construction
  • Holds 3 cigars sized up to 6-5/8″x 60
  • Compact and easy to keep on you

7. 107 Desktop Humidor by La Aurora

The La Aurora 107 cigar and Desktop Humidor was created to celebrate 107 years of cigarmaking at La Aurora, the Dominican Republic’s oldest cigar factory. This 30-count desktop cigar humidor has a humidification ring, full Spanish cedar interior, and accurate gold-plated analogue hygrometer.

An air-tight seal closure makes this the perfect home or office humidor to withdraw cigars that are consistently fresh, flavorful, and oh-so ready to be enjoyed.

  • Accurate gold-plated hygrometer
  • 30 Toro-sized cigar capacity
  • Full Spanish cedar interior

8. Soft Flame Lighter by Manifatture Sigaro Toscano

Italians sure do have an eye for style, don’t ya think?

A beautiful chrome and leather-wrapped soft flame lighter for the enthusiast who wants to treat himself or herself to an elegant object with perfect ignition. Makes a perfect tag team with the Toscano Cigar Scissors.

  • Soft flame ignition
  • Polished chrome 
  • Leather-wrapped body

9. Ceramic Ashtray by Ashton

Impress fellow cigar lovers with an Ashton Ceramic Ashtray in classic black-and-gold colors or an elegant eggshell-white finish. The traditional ashtray accommodates up to four cigars with more than generous dimensions.

  • Accommodates up to 4 large ring gauge cigars
  • Classic black and gold design or eggshell white finish 
  • Felt bottom anti-slip pads

10. Pasión Triple Torch Lighter by La Aroma de Cuba

A trio of red-hot jets unleash a precise flame designed to light traditional sizes like the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor, or larger ring cigars.

Feel free to pass this sucker around the room to share it with fellow cigar smokers thanks to an oversized fuel tank and an easy-to-adjust flame dial at the base of the unit.

  • Oversized fuel tank requires less frequent refill
  • Triple torch mechanism for fast and accurate lighting
  • Windproof adjustable flames

11. Carlito Bobblehead Doll by Arturo Fuente

Ok, ok – having a Carlito bobblehead doll is certainly not a prerequisite to enjoying a cigar.

It does however, make things much more fun as you kick back and smoke one of the world’s most celebrated brands whilst Carlito’s head bops around to your music playlist, especially on a #fuentefriday.

  • Head bobbling goes on indefinitely while driving your car
  • Available in multiple Guayabera colors
  • Creates feel-good vibes