Situated on Hollis Street in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia is The Halifax Club.

Founded just prior to Canada’s Confederation as a private social club for Halifax’s business and political leaders, today the Halifax Club continues as a comfortable and elegant private refuge for its members and guests.

Inside you’ll find its lounge, which is a rare place where a cigar can still be enjoyed indoors in Canada.

It is the only indoor smoking lounge east of Montreal, Quebec.

Located one uphill block away on Granville Street is its equally elegant Halifax Club Cigar Shop, which is open to the adult public (aged 19+) to purchase fine cigars.

Day passes to the lounge are available during shop hours, at the cigar shop. For $30, you can experience all the perks of a Halifax Club membership, on a day-by-day basis.

In this piece, shop and membership manager Jennifer Campbell offers a deeper insight into the Cigar Shop, as well as the history and workings of the iconic private club to which it represents.

Born in Dartmouth, Jennifer has lived in Toronto and Vancouver but calls Nova Scotia her home.

Jen Campbell

House of Horvath: When was the Halifax Club established? How long has the cigar shop been around for?

Jennifer Campbell: The Halifax Club was founded in 1862 – we just celebrated our 162nd birthday in January. The cigar shop hasn’t been around for quite as long – only about 7 years.

HOH: What Halifax neighborhood or district are you situated in?

JC: We are located in central downtown Halifax, also known by some as Historic Irishtown. We’re a stone’s throw away from both the harbourfront, and the Citadel.

HOH: The Halifax Club is unique in that it features a luxurious cigar lounge. In a country where cigar lounges are difficult to find, how has The Halifax Club managed to offer this?

JC: We are so fortunate to be able to have our lounge still! Our ability to operate really boils down to the fact that we follow the rules and regulations of the Smoke-Free Places Act very carefully. Already being in operation when the rules came into effect was a huge advantage.

I don’t think we’d be so lucky if we were to try to open up a second location.

HOH: What type of events can a cigar-loving member come to expect at the Club?

JC: We have a myriad of events on the books for this year. At only February so far, we’ve already had a great Super Bowl party, and a live cigar roller in the lounge. Other events members can look forward to this year include specialty pairings such as coffee, beer and whiskey, UFC fight nights, themed movie nights, and much more.

HOH: Let’s step into the walk-in humidor. What’s your most expensive cigar? Alternatively, what’s your best-selling premium cigar for under fifteen bucks?

JC: Currently, our most expensive cigar is the Montecristo No.2, or the Montecristo Edmundo. 

For a favourite-under fifteen dollars, I’d have to say it’s the Don Tomas Clasico Rothschild.

HOH: Beyond cigars, what else can be found at the shop?

JC: Besides cigars, pipe tobacco can also be found in the humidor. We carry a variety of tobacco pipes and supplies, which have really picked up in popularity! Outside of the humidor, we have a selection of accessories for both beginners and seasoned smokers, including cutters, humidors, torches and more.

HOH: If I were to pair a cigar from your humidor with a cocktail or drink from the Club’s bar, what pairing would you recommend? 

JC: I’d have to say a Cafe Mañana – which pairs my love of coffee and tequila – with an Alec Bradley Magic Toast.

The dark and rich flavours of the cigar hold up well to the coffee base, while the orange liqueur from the cocktail helps bring out the subtle sweetness of the cigar.

HOH: What nearby attractions are worth a visit?

JC: Halifax is such a neat, historic city – it’s hard to pick a favourite!

A walk along the boardwalk is beautiful, any time of year, or the Public Gardens in the warmer months. The Halifax Ghost Walk is a great way to learn about the city’s folklore – you might even learn a few things about the Halifax Club! No matter where you decide to explore, you’ll always find neat shops, and fantastic eats in Halifax.

HOH: What’s your most popular size of cigar?

JC: It’s a toss up between toro or corona.

HOH: What cigar would you recommend to someone who is new to cigars?

JC: You can’t go wrong with the Macanudo Connecticut Hyde Park. The size and mellowness of it is just so approachable.

HOH: One final question. Tell me something interesting about The Halifax Club that most people wouldn’t know.

JC: We’ve had quite a few important historical figures as part of our membership base! My favourites would have to be Nova Scotian beer tycoons Alexander Keith and John James Dunn Oland.

An image of beer tycoon Alexander Keith

Alexander Keith

Being in this role has allowed me to meet so many people – you never know who’s going to walk through our doors each day. HOH

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The Halifax Club Cigar Shop is open 11 am to 6 pm, Tuesday to Saturday. It is located at 1675 Granville Street, Halifax, NS B3J 1X2, and can be reached at (902) 407-3087 or Instagram: @halifaxclubcigarshop

The Halifax Club is located at 1682 Hollis Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2R7, and can be reached at (902) 407-1112 or