Having officially opened their doors in 2022, Cigar Vault are relative newcomers to the tobacconist game.

The brainchild of Angelo Decamposeo and son Leonardo, Cigar Vault boasts a very sleek, modern interior, complete with elegant Herringbone floors and a large, fully glass-enclosed humidor. Inside, customers can choose from a diverse selection of premium cigars and accessories, all meticulously curated by Angelo and Leonardo.

Leonardo (L) and Angelo Decamposeo

To dive a little deeper into the ‘Vault, we asked Leonardo a few questions:

House Of Horvath: When did Cigar Vault first open its doors?
Leonardo Camposeo: We first opened our doors in March 2022.

HOH: What motivated you and your father to pursue being a tobacconist?
LEO: Our passion for quality cigars and a strong need to put our personal touch on the tobacco industry is what motivated us to pursue being tobacconists. Cigar Vault is a modern cigar store specializing in premium cigars and accessories. As cigar aficionados, we focus on quality and maintaining a broad selection of cigars. Our cigar shop is open 7 days a week. We will be launching our online store very soon!

HOH: What area does Cigar Vault serve?
LEO: Cigar Vault currently serves customers in Aurora, Ontario, Canada and its surrounding cities. We are the only cigar store in Aurora, and one of only a handful within the entire York Region. We will be launching an online store very soon that will allow us to ship to customers right across Ontario.

HOH: In addition to cigars, you also have quite a wide selection of cigar accessories to offer. What are a few ‘clutch accessories’ that a cigar smoker should have on hand to better enjoy their cigar experience? 
LEO: First, I’d have to say the Colibri SV-Cut cigar cutter. This cigar cutter offers the convenience of both a V-Cut AND an S-Cut without giving up any functionality or ease of use. The ergonomic shape and spring-loaded stainless steel blades make cutting almost as much of a pleasure as smoking the cigar itself.


2-in-1: The Colibri SV Cut

Also, The Lotus Duke. This sleek accessory offers triple pinpoint torch flames, single action ignition, AND an integrated 60 ring gauge cigar cutter. It is wind resistant, lights to 8,000 feet, and features a stainless steel blade and tinted fuel level window. 

HOH: You sure know your cigar accessories! Here’s a question; what style of cigar wrapper is popular among your clientele lately?
LEO: Currently, I would say the Connecticut and other lighters shades of wrappers. 

HOH: What’s one of your favorite cigar pairings at moment?
My current favorite go to – which is provided to us by House of Horvath – is the Oliva Serie V Melanio which pairs so well with an Americano. 

HOH: Here’s a few questions for you: what’s your best selling size of cigar at the moment? What’s your best seller under $30? How about under $20?
Our most popular size of cigar is the toro. Our best seller under $30 is the FDLA (Flor de las Antillas) Robusto, and our best seller under 20 bucks is the Alec Bradley Kintsugi. 

HOH: Cigars can become an expensive hobby. What’s your advice for someone just starting to build up their collection?
First, don’t be afraid to try less recognized brands. They will be less expensive yet often very comparable, and you may
find some new favourites.

Second, keep track of what you smoke. When firing up a cigar for the first time, take out your phone and snap a quick
photo of the band for reference.

HOH: Man, you and your father Angelo have built such a beautiful location! We wish you continued success as a tobacconist in Canada.
Thank you. So far, we’re really enjoying it. 

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Cigar Vault is located at 14799 Yonge Street, Unit 7, Aurora, Ontario and can be reached at 905.750.9710 or info@cigarvault.ca