Our Trusted Canadian Tobacconist Profile features Smoke Rings Cigar & Tobacco Company, situated in the city of Nanaimo in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Recently, we asked second-generation owner Erin Bechamp a few questions about her popular Nanaimo, B.C. shop.

Smoke Rings Cigar & Tobacco Co. owner Erin Bechamp

HOH: When was Smoke Rings Cigar & Tobacco Co. established?

EB: My Father started the business twelve years ago. His name was Steve Wall, and he spent his entire career working in tobacco. Tobacco was his passion and he passed that passion down to me.

HOH: What part of Naniamo are you situated in and what’s the city like?

EB: Our store is located in downtown Nanaimo next to The Dorchester Hotel. Nanaimo is a type of city that attracts all different demographics. It’s a great place to retire, there’s lots of tourists. There’s also a University – Vancouver Island University.

HOH: What does Smoke Rings specialize in?

EB: We specialize in premium cigars, pipes and our own special blends of pipe tobacco. We carry everything a smoker would need.

HOH: Do you have any house blends?

EB: We do for pipe tobacco. Our pipe tobacco house blends are named after different areas in Nanaimo. In total, we have 24 different blends that we make in house. Customers can browse our menu in the store and can smell each blend to see what excites them. Our Mount De Cosmos for example, is black raspberry liqueur and mild French vanilla Burley tobacco.

HOH: What cigars do you personally enjoy?

EB: Personally, I am enjoying small cigars at the moment, namely the Partagas Chicos.

HOH: You’re attached to The Dorchester Hotel. You must receive a great deal of tourist traffic..

EB: We do receive quite a few tourists, and they typically comment on how fair our pricing is and how we have such a great selection of products from all over the world.

HOH: Tell us something interesting about Smoke Rings..

EB: We regularly ship all over BC. Customers just call us and we send out products. No matter how remote they are, we’ll get it there!

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Smoke Rings Cigar & Tobacconist Company is located at 70 Church Street, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5H4. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30pm to 5:30pm pst (Pacific Standard Time), they can be reached at 1 (250) 591 – 5050 or erinbechamp@gmail.com