Zigarren | A Simple Pleasure

Calgary, Alberta’s Zigarren is operated by Joseph Moon and his son Sunny.

Together, the father-son duo enthusiastically serve the Calgary community with knowledge and a serious passion for cigars. A passion that was initially borne over two decades ago, after a move to Canada.

Recently we caught up with Joseph to delve a little deeper into exactly what Zigarren (which is German for ‘cigar’) is all about.

House Of Horvath: When was Zigarren established?

Joseph Moon: We opened in the summer of 2009.

HOH: What motivated you to become a tobacconist?
JM: I tried my first premium cigar when my family and I immigrated to Canada in 2001. I fell in love with it ever since and it has been my passion for the last 21 years and counting.

HOH: What area/neighborhood of Calgary does Zigarren serve?
JM: We are located right off of Macleod Trail, about 4 minutes South of Chinook Mall in the Fairview Kingsland area.

HOH: Now that we are entering post-pandemic times, are there any cigar events that you look forward to hosting or being a part of?
JM: Definitely! We love holding cigar tasting events with our customers, whether they are regulars or new, because it gives us an opportunity to socialize with all different types of people that share the same love for cigars that we have.

HOH: What’s your favorite drink to pair with a cigar?
Definitely a cup of coffee.

HOH: Personally, what has been your most useful and dependable cigar accessory?
I would say my S.T. Dupont Maxijet lighter because it always gives my cigars an even burn and it hasn’t failed me in over ten years.

HOH: What’s the most popular cigar size among your customers?
Robustos for sure, especially with the frigid temperatures during Calgary winters.

HOH: When away from Calgary, do you have a favorite ‘cigar destination’ to visit?

JM: I would have to say the Dominican Republic. There’s nothing like catching the Dominican sunrise with a cigar and a cup of coffee.

HOH: Tell us something interesting that most people don’t know about Zigarren.
We have one of the largest combined humidor spaces in all of Canada.

HOH: Ok, time for some rapid-fire questions. Give us one word answers:

HOH: Maduro or Connecticut?
JM: Maduro.
Torch or wooden match?
My Father or Fuente?
Humidity pack or distilled water?
Humidity pack.
V cut or punch cut?
V cut.
Lancero or Robusto?

HOH: If you could choose only choose one cigar to smoke for the rest of your life, what do you choose and why?
Padron 1964 Exclusivo Maduro. Simply because whether you smoke one today, or you smoke one in 5 years, you will get the same consistent fantastic flavour profile and quality.

Zigarren is located at 7112 Macleod Trail SE Calgary, AB T2H 0L3, and can be reached at (403) 532-2442 or josephmoon1005@gmail.com

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