Much like a cup of coffee, for many people, the enjoyment of a cigar represents a daily ritual.

Heck, the two often go hand in hand.

Generally, to serve as a daily cigar, two factors need to be met:

  • an agreeable taste profile that isn’t overbearing or gets tiresome fast;

  • a sustainable cost per cigar

Believe it or not, there are those who walk among us (or maybe they fly overhead or sail by in their private yachts) who are fortunate enough to have the resources to enjoy the likes of an expensive, super-premium cigar like the Cohiba Behike every day. Maybe even more than once daily.

If you so happen to fall into this category of cigar smoker then to you we say, congratulations – you’ve undoubtedly made it to the top.

For even someone who has the means to enjoy a reasonably-priced Ashton Classic or a Montecristo No. 2 cigar each day, a decent chunk of change will need to go toward the daily cigar fund.

Of course, for those living in a locality where tobacco taxation is lower, enjoying a daily cigar such as the aforementioned is certainly an easier feat to pull off.

Regardless of where you live, for the many of us who must remain somewhat price-conscious, being able to enjoy a cigar day-in-day-out is often made possible by utilizing either a value-priced long-filler cigar, a ‘sandwich-style’ short-filler cigar, or maybe even a stalwart machine-made cigar.

For many tobacconists, customer purchases of these widely-affordable cigars are what often account for the bulk of monthly sales.

Therefore, stocking these cigars for the average consumer is a must.

Using the portfolio of Canadian cigar distributor House of Horvath, we’ll have a look at a selection of cigars that are serving as a quality affordable ‘everyday cigar’ for many cigar lovers today.

Value-Priced Long-Filler Cigars

Premium cigars all feature long-filler tobacco; tobacco leaf that is cut in long strips and bundled underneath the binder and wrapper components of a cigar.

Just because a cigar has long filler doesn’t mean it must be expensive! Depending on a cigar lover’s budget, there are many long-filler cigars available that are more on the affordable side of hand-made premium.

Here are a few:

Joya Clásico Robusto by Joya de Nicaragua

Comprised of the finest Nicaraguan-grown wrapper, binder and filler tobaccos, the Joya de Nicaragua Clásico Robusto presents a satisfying smoke with hearty flavors of earth, pepper, cocoa, coffee, and wood. Adorned with a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, the Clásico is a smooth and creamy cigar with enough character to serve as a great daily smoker.

  • Size: 5 x 56
  • Strength: Mild
  • Price: Approx. $11-$14 CAD

Rosalones Reserva 546 by Joya de Nicaragua

The Reserva is a Nicaraguan puro cigar that was launched in 2016 and features 4 vitolas.

A hard cigar to beat for the price, it is also manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua at Joya De Nicaragua. The Rosalones Reserva features a Habano Criollo wrapper over tobaccos from the regions of Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli.

  • Size: 5 x 56
  • Strength: Medium
  • Price: Approx. $11-$14 CAD

HOH Honduran 4 x 60 by Placencia for House of Horvath

Made by Placencia S.A. in Esteli, Nicaragua for House of Horvath, the HOH Honduran 4 x 60 is cloaked in a Honduran wrapper and is an excellent option for a daily cigar. A well balanced, aromatic cigar that utilizes a Brazilian binder and a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers.

An affordable alternative to shorter, thicker cigars like the NUB.

  • Size: 4 x 60
  • Strength: Mild-Medium
  • Price: Approx. $9-$10 CAD

Calixto Lopez Nobles Extrafinos by Tabacalera Incorporada

The Calixto Lopez line of cigars is made by Tabacalera Incorporada in the Philippines, who are among the oldest cigar manufacturers in the world. With its Indonesian wrapper, the Nobles Extrafinos are considered one of the best in its price range, and matches up well against cigars costing even 5 times as much.

  • Size: 6 1/2 x 50
  • Strength: Mild
  • Price: Approx. $7-$9 CAD

Short-Filler Cigars

The innermost component of a cigar is known as the filler. It consists of a bound bunch of tobacco leaves, and comprises the bulk of the cigar.

Many affordable handmade cigars make great use of short filler, which is chopped leaves that are leftover from the production of premium cigars.

These are sometimes referred to as a “sandwich-style cigar” and typically represent a very affordable daily option.

Here are a few:

Tabacalera Isabela by Tabacalera Incorporada

Tabacalera Isabela, is a mild and smooth short filler cigar, with a subtle mix of floral, nutty, and toasty notes, finishing with a sweet aftertaste. These cigars produce a pure white ash – a sign of quality ingredients.

  • Size: 5 7/8 x 41
  • Strength: Mild
  • Price: Approx. $6-$7 CAD

Toscano Classico by Manifatture Sigaro Toscano 

A true Italian cigar: Toscano Classico has an unmistakable appearance as a result of the burnished color of its Kentucky tobacco grown in Tuscany, Italy. A savory cigar with slightly bitter with hints of earth accented with aromatic wood and maple.

A relatively robust cigar that is the perfect companion to a morning cup of espresso-style coffee.

  • Size: 6 1/4
  • Strength: Medium-Full
  • Price: Approx. $30 CAD for a box of 5 cigars ($6 ea.)

Flor Isla Pyramid by Tabacalera Incorporada

A well-crafted value cigar that burns evenly, draws effortlessly, and possesses an exceptional taste. To make the Flor Isla, Tabacalera Incorporada sources the finest tobacco from lsabela province in the Philippines, as well as fine tobaccos from Indonesia.

Every one of Tabacalera’s cigars are a testament to the painstaking process of “totalmente hecho a mano” or “completely handmade.”

  • Size: 6 x 52
  • Strength: Mild
  • Price: Approx. $7-$9 CAD

Machine-Made Cigars

Though hand-made cigars set the benchmark, cigars made by machine process have a leg up in terms of consistency in filler amount and distribution, which greatly assists in draw performance and encourages a more even burn every time.

It is true that a mechanized process can certainly deliver greater accuracy over a handmade one.

Sourcing a quality machine-made cigar made with natural wrapper and short filler is one sure-fire way to enjoy a super cost-effective daily cigar.

Here are a few:

Bances Corona Claro by House of Horvath

Bances feature a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper with HTL binder and short Nicaraguan fillers. They are a creamy, mild-medium bodied cigar that exhibit notes of coffee bean, graham cracker, hay, and a touch of hickory spice.

A high-quality machine-made cigar at an incredible value price.

  • Size: 5 7/8 x 41
  • Strength: Mild-medium
  • Price: Approx. $6-$7 CAD

Principes Corona Natural cigars are a remarkably good value cigar, produced by machine-rolling the surplus trimmings of La Aurora’s premium cigars with mild Dominican leaf and a tasty Cameroon-seed wrapper to produce a smooth, creamy flavor.

Flavored varieties of Principes are also available, which include Rum, Vanilla and Cherry.

  • Size: 5 x 38
  • Strength: Mild
  • Price: Approx. $4-5 CAD

Bandi Corona Claro by House of Horvath

With a natural leaf wrapper and their value pricing, Bandi are appropriate for any cigar enthusiast, from novice to aficionado. Bandi Sweets are the same but as you would expect, burt provide and sweet and even milder alternative to regular Bandi.

  • Size: 5 x 42
  • Strength: Mild
  • Price: Approx. $17-18 for 5 cigars ($3.50-$4 ea.)

Summary: A Cigar For Everyone

Once a luxury that only affluent factions of society could enjoy, today cigar enjoyment is possible for all strata of society.

Often, it is affordably-priced cigars like the ones listed here that are the quiet heroes which make daily cigar enjoyment possible for everyone.